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IMC Ind membership Pro-rated Individual IMC membership Pro-rated SCHOOL IMC membership
IMC Ind membershipPro-rated Individual IMC membershipPro-rated SCHOOL IMC membership

IMC Individual Membership. All memberships run from July 1 of each year.

If you enrolled in 1 of our online courses your 1st yr membership was from January to January. So that you are on the correct cycle as others this year's premium is pro-rated. This is a 1-time event.

Membership for this year for school has been prorated. All memberships run from July 1. This prorate option is 1 time event. Membership will be good through June 30, 2016.




IMC School Level Membership IMC Satellite school level Membership
ReShipping overseas postageIMC School Level MembershipIMC Satellite school level Membership

Use this product if the IMC is reshipping a lost packet of IMC products. This is for shipping and handling replacement.

Montessor Leadership mag, cert of membership, discounts on many items. TRAINING CENTERS may not apply for membership until accredited & all must sign Code of Ethics.

Satellite campus must be w/i 5 miles of original campus, under same legal structure as main campus & hold full membership at main campus




IMC Individual membership  RENEWAL IMC School Level RENEWAL IMC SAT-RENEWAL
IMC Individual membership RENEWALIMC School Level RENEWALIMC SAT-RENEWAL

PLEASE NOTE THAT A 1 year membership is $60 annually based on a July 1-June 30 cycle- this option is only for those renewing existing membership.  qty = months. See long description.

Renew your IMC school level membership via our store. For those who want to renew with a credit card and have a July renewal in effect already.

Renew IMC Satellite locations. Satellites must meet the requirements originally stated when they became members.