Earth Songs by Andrew Kutt

Earth Songs Background Information

This CD emerged from interaction with my young students at Oneness-Family School. I invited them to write songs with me and they came up with some wonderful ideas. As I was working them, the idea occurred to me of doing a CD of songs about Mother Earth. I wanted the songs to celebrate our home planet, but also to teach some key concepts about how earth came to be, how the continents were shaped and the precious interaction of all life on earth. The process of seeing the songs take on a life of their own in the studio was quite a wonderful adventure, thanks to the amazing support, guidance and unique talent of Premik Russell Tubbs. He not only did all of the instrumentation on the CD, but nurtured each song into a unique expression of the Earth Songs vision. I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I enjoyed ushering them into the world. To learn more about Andrew’s mission to spread love, peace, and healing throughout the world visit his website: Additional music by Andrew Kutt is available for download on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby


Earth Songs by Andrew Kutt
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