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CGMS Required Montessori Way-US CGMS Required textbook-Observer's Notebook-US CGMS-Awakening Your Toddler's Love of Learning-OVERSEAS
CGMS Required Montessori Way-USCGMS Required textbook-Observer's Notebook-USCGMS-Awakening Your Toddler's Love of Learning-OVERSEAS

The Montessori Way for our CGMS students inside the US only. See long description for more. Includes SH inside US

Student version Observer's Notebook  only available for those CGMS verifiable through them. Order will cancel if not. Includes Priority flat rate postage for US only

Core curriclum for CGMS students in the I/T program. Book includes shipping and handling outside the US via USPS Flat Rate Priority method.




CGMS-MF-Required WIP CGMS-Montessori Way-OVERSEAS CGMS-Observer's Notebook-OVERSEAS
CGMS-MF-Required WIPCGMS-Montessori Way-OVERSEASCGMS-Observer's Notebook-OVERSEAS

Lessons in History & Geography scripted into 3 pd lesson format w materials needed for greater clarity. Includes Priority SH for CGMS students inside US.

For CGMS students outside the US needing 1 copy of this book. Price includes Flat Rate Priority Shipping and handling.

Student version w/ discount  OVERSEAS & Canadian orders only.

We send USPS Flat Rate envelope. We regret the cost but we have no control over the postal rates and the price includes SH.




CGMS-Package deal CGMS-Package deal-OVERSEAS CGMS-Required Awakening Toddler's Love of Learning-US
CGMS-Package dealCGMS-Package deal-OVERSEASCGMS-Required Awakening Toddler's Love of Learning-US

For students needing all 3 core curriculum books, order in 1 package deal. Includes discounts and Priority Shipping and handling within the US only.

Students OUTSIDE US or US mailing address use this  for all 3 titles: The Montessori Way, World in the Palm of Her Hand & An Observer's Notebook

CGMS Infant Toddler required  textbook, includes SH. 125 activities for infants & toddlers - school or home. 





This product is for CGMS students outside the US who only need this one book. See US item for full description