An Observer's Notebook:

Reviewed by Maren Schmidt: "... An Observer's us a myriad of ways to observe children in our Montessori prepared environments by showing us how to connect with what we want to learn from the children through observation; how to obtain and record our impressions; how we can reflect and understand the patterns in our data; and how we can enable our deeper reflection and practice with our observations and information.

This book will be required reading in almost all teacher training courses. It's powerful, funny, relavant and a must have book for anyone who works with children. Offered EXCLUSIVELY through the Montessori Foundation Press. Training centers or bookstores ordering multiple copies must contact the bookstore directly for applicable discounts. Phone 800 632 4121 FX 941 359 8166.

Guidance on how to make observing fun and rewarding is now available."


An Observer's Notebook:
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