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    2016 audio recordings CGMS-Awakening Your Toddler's Love of Learning-OVERSEAS
    2014 Audio Recordings _FOR PRESENTERS FROM NOV SARASOTA ONLY2016 audio recordingsCGMS-Awakening Your Toddler's Love of Learning-OVERSEAS

    FOR the Presenters at the 2014 Sarasota conference useage ONLY, PLEASE.

    For our presenters and exhibitors, here is the product for you to order the audio recordings of our 2016 conference event. This product at this price is not for the general public. Once the recordings are completed by our partners EGAMI, Blake...

    Core curriclum for CGMS students in the I/T program. Book includes shipping and handling outside the US via USPS Flat Rate Priority method.




    CGMS-Montessori Way-OVERSEAS CGMS-Package deal CGMS-Package deal-OVERSEAS
    CGMS-Montessori Way-OVERSEASCGMS-Package dealCGMS-Package deal-OVERSEAS

    For CGMS students outside the US needing 1 copy of this book. Price includes Flat Rate Priority Shipping and handling.

    For students needing all 3 core curriculum books, order in 1 package deal. Includes discounts and Priority Shipping and handling within the US only.

    Students OUTSIDE US or US mailing address use this  for all 3 titles: The Montessori Way, World in the Palm of Her Hand & An Observer's Notebook




    CGMS-WIP-OVERSEAS How To Start a New Montessori School-NON IMC Member
    CGMS-WIP-OVERSEASHow To Start a New Montessori School-NON IMC MemberIMC replacement cert-USA

    This product is for CGMS students outside the US who only need this one book. See US item for full description

    How To Start a New Montessori School In response to numerous requests from the community, we have written a new course: How to Start a New World Class Montessori School. Anyone who wants to start a new Montessori school or convert an existing...

    Lost your IMC certificate? We do charge a nominal fee of $10USD for USA replacement certificates




    A Time to Blossom: Montessori for the Kindergarten Years A. Tomorrow's Child/Early Bird SpeciBulk orders 2017-18 Year
    2015AudiorecordingsA Time to Blossom: Montessori for the Kindergarten YearsA. Tomorrow's Child/Early Bird SpeciBulk orders 2017-18 Year

    ONLY if you were a presenter or exhibitor at the 2015 Montessori Foundation International conference can we send this item to you. This is a collection of the audio recordings of the workshops and keynotes that we were permitted to record. These...

    A 12 minute dvd to play at open houses to help parents understand that continuing their child's Montessori experience for the last year of the primary cycle is perhaps the most critical of all.

    Standing BULK USA orders in US only for the 2017-18 school yr. Qty 50 or more. Smaller orders must call 800 655 5843 for pricing




    An Observer's Notebook: CGMS Required textbook-Observer's Notebook-US CGMS-Required Awakening Toddler's Love of Learning-US
    An Observer's Notebook:CGMS Required textbook-Observer's Notebook-USCGMS-Required Awakening Toddler's Love of Learning-US

    Powerful, funny, relavant & must have for anyone working with children EXCLUSIVE Montessori Foundation offering. Training centers w/multi copies contact 800 632 4121 or for discount

    Student version Observer's Notebook  only available for those CGMS verifiable through them. Order will cancel if not. Includes Priority flat rate postage for US only

    CGMS Infant Toddler required  textbook, includes SH. 125 activities for infants & toddlers - school or home. 




    Donate to the Montessori Foundation Earth Songs by Andrew Kutt Honoring the Light of the Child
    Donate to the Montessori FoundationEarth Songs by Andrew KuttHonoring the Light of the Child

     We are a 501 (c) 3 and donations are tax deductible in most cases. Donate often to help us keep our vision going.

    Earth Songs Background Information This CD emerged from interaction with my young students at Oneness-Family School. I invited them to write songs with me and they came up with some wonderful ideas. As I was working them, the idea occurred to me...

    Children thrive and manifest their greates potentials and harmonious behaviours when the significant adults in their livces respect their inner lights or spirits of love. Honoring the Light of the Child-Activities to Nurture Peaceful Living...




    IMC School Level Membership CGMS-MF-Required WIP Montessori  Curriculum Scope and Sequence
    IMC School Level MembershipCGMS-MF-Required WIPMontessori Curriculum Scope and Sequence

    Montessor Leadership mag, cert of membership, discounts on many items. TRAINING CENTERS may not apply for membership until accredited & all must sign Code of Ethics.

    Lessons in History & Geography scripted into 3 pd lesson format w materials needed for greater clarity. Includes Priority SH for CGMS students inside US.

     NEW & REVIZED Scope & Sequence . Please read full description before ordering. No refunds.





    Que es Montessori
    One time shipping feeQue es MontessoriShipping overseas postage-RUSH

    One time reshipping fee for IMC packet going standard mail.

    Do you need our famous pamphlet What is Montessori native translated into Spanish? Then order this product. Comes in a 50 count.

    If you are in a great hurry for overseas shipment add this to your products




    The Montessori Way Tomorrow's Child 101 Expanded Special mag_OVERSEAS
    Stay the Course: The Importance of the Kindergarten YearsThe Montessori Way-USATomorrow's Child 101 Expanded Special mag_OVERSEAS

    Why stay the course? Receive a PDF of article once you purchase to read more.

    This essential book traces the history and philosophy of Montessori's works while providing the reader with beautiful photographs from the archives as well as Tomorrow's Child magazine. Chapters go from infants and toddlers through high school.

    This is SINGLE COPY product for outside the US only and includes USPS FLAT RATE PRIORITY SHIPPING and handling.




    Tomorrow's Child Magazine-Bulk-Overseas-Through April 30 Special Tomorrow's Child Special Expanded 101-35 count box Tomorrow's Child Special Expanded 101-35 ct box Overseas
    Tomorrow's Child Magazine-Bulk-Overseas-Through April 30 SpecialTomorrow's Child Special Expanded 101-35 count boxTomorrow's Child Special Expanded 101-35 ct box Overseas

    OVERSEAS BULK (qty 50+) for 2017/8 school year. Use this option.

    Box of 35 count of the Special Expanded issue so popular & now updated & in stock mid September. Price is for US addresses only & includes Flat Rate shipping.

    For our non US clients. Flat rate shipping has been added into price. 35 ct boxes of our Special Extended issue now available.




    What is Montessori?
    What is Montessori?

    Ever needed something simple, yet to the point to describe what Montessori was? Back in stock February 1, 2016


    For any questions regarding IMC membership please email before purchasing